Hotel "KALA" - Convinient, Comfortable and Acceptable.

The hotel "KALA" is situated in "Ichan Kala" in Khiva city. The hotel "KALA" has 10 comfortable rooms. All rooms are equipped with cable tv, telephone, bathroom with shower, individual air-conditioning system and high-speed internet access.

Khiva, Uzbekistan Khiva, Uzbekistan Khiva, Uzbekistan

Khiva - Ichan Kala

Khiva - city-museum, like Pompeya and Gerkulanum, but unlike those places it is alive city. As many Eastern cities, Khiva was born "on the water" - in the lower reaches of the Amudarya river and grew up on the irrigated lands of Khorezm oasis.

The written sources confirm the considerable age of Khiva. The historical information on Khorezm is given in "Avesta". The "father of history" Herodot made a mention of Khorezm and the Khorezmian people. Beruni wrote about the ancient agriculture of Khorezm. Archaeological excavations also prove the age of Khiva to be 2500 years old. All these facts have enabled UNESCO to proclaim Khiva a city-reserve, and its inner part Ichan-Kala has been recognized as a historical monument of the world significance.

Khiva is one of the few cities in the world, where the historical building up has actually been preserved; as a matter of fact it is a whole city in the open air. more